Automobile, Tractor Trailer, & Motorcycle Collisions

Leslie Waycaster has been involved in over a thousand vehicle collision cases since 1980. For the first eight years, he represented various insurance companies including State Farm and Allstate. Since 1989, he has represented plaintiffs in cases involving automobiles, motorcycles, and tractor trailer collisions.


One of the most important aspects of vehicular collisions is identifying all applicable insurance, not only of the other driver but also your own. Coordinating liability coverage with uninsured/underinsured coverage and coordinating medical payment coverage from your vehicle policy with medical payments by health insurance carriers can often times be the most complicated aspect of your case. You need to hire an attorney who deals with vehicle insurance on a daily basis. For example, let's assume you are hit by another driver who only has the minimum amount of liability coverage required by Georgia. Let's assume you also own a motorcycle. Did you know that your motorcycle policy might provide some added coverage to help you, even though you were not operating it at the time of the wreck?


If you are seriously injured in a wreck, be sure to try and do the following:


1. Get someone to take pictures of your car before the insurance company disposes of it;


2. Get someone to obtain a copy of the accident report (we can do this for you);


3. Report the collision to your insurance company as soon as possible;


4. Follow the additional steps listed on our Personal Injury page.


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