Personal Injury Law

Leslie Waycaster has handled a variety of personal injury cases since he began practicing in 1980.


Personal Injuries can arise from a variety of circumstances including vehicle collisions, dangerous conditions on property, defective products or professional negligence. While every case is different, these are some things you should do no matter what your case may be. These include:


1. Get medical treatment as soon as possible. Depending on your injuries, a delay may hinder the medical personnel from being able to treat you. For example, swelling may delay your treatment and lengthen your recovery time;


2. When possible, take pictures of the location or product that caused your injuries. If you can maintain custody of a product that injured you, that is even better;


3. Save your evidence. For example, if you are prescribed medicine, save your containers. A bag full of pill containers is more convincing to a jury than just your testimony about the medicine you took;


4. If someone from the other party's insurance company calls, either an adjuster or investigator, you have to assume you are being recorded. Politely tell them you intend to hire a lawyer and ask for the insurance company's contact information and claim number. Do not discuss the details of the incident until you have consulted an attorney; and


5. Do everything your doctors tell you to do. If you feel the treatment is not helping, do not give up on what you were instructed to do. Instead, let your doctor know what is happening and perhaps some other treatment will help you improve.


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