Business Litigation

Most business litigation involves America's smaller companies, not the giant corporations you see in the news. Our firm has represented small businesses, not only in helping them get started, but in handling legal disputes as well. Make no mistake, however: even smaller companies deal in millions of dollars and the stakes are high. Bad results in just one case can be catastrophic for a small company.


Mr. Waycaster has handled business disputes in both State and Federal Courts. Cases can arise from a breach of contract, fraud or a variety of special statutes such as State or Federal RICO, or the Fair Business Practices Act.


We take a two-step approach. First, we try to advise business clients in a way so as to avoid litigation. We try to solve problems, not create them. Second, if litigation is needed, we have the experience and ability to handle it. We are also proud of our good relationship with lawyers who specialize in certain areas, for example in patents, copyright and intellectual property law. We will bring on extra help when necessary. Feel free to contact us to discuss your business needs.